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Raise a Glass: 7 Amazing Wine Bars in Nantes


Nantes, a city in western France, is renowned for its enviable design, rich cultural history, and, of course, mouthwatering wines. There are many wine bars in the city, each with its own special appeal and personality. Everyone can find something to enjoy in Nantes, regardless of your level of vino expertise. These are the top seven wine bars in Nantes, and we'll examine them in this piece.

1. Le Lieu Unique

Le Lieu Unique, a famous wine bar with a distinctive fusion of traditional French charm and modern design, is located in the center of the city. The bar serves a wide range of regional specialties in addition to an impressive collection of wines from various French regions. You can sip your beverage in the inviting interior seating area or on the roomy outdoor terrace.

2. La Cantine du Curé

La Cantine du Curé is the ideal option if you’re searching for a charming and inviting wine lounge. This adorable little bar provides a cozy atmosphere that is ideal for a romantic evening or a laid-back night out with friends and is hidden away in a small alley. The pub specializes in natural wines and offers a variety of delectable tapas that go great with your beverage.

3. La Cave à Vins

Any wine enthusiast should explore La Cave à Vins. The bar offers a wide selection of red, white, and rose wines from various French regions on its comprehensive wine list. The knowledgeable personnel at the bar is always available to assist you in selecting the ideal wine for your preferences. The rustic interior of the bar or the inviting outdoor sitting area are both great places to sip your beverage.

4. La Compagnie des Vins

A large variety of wines, specialty beers, and mouthwatering tapas are available at the cozy and welcoming wine bar La Compagnie des Vins. The bar is the ideal location for a laid-back evening with friends or a romantic evening out because of its warm and welcoming ambiance. The knowledgeable and friendly staff at the bar are always delighted to assist you in finding the ideal wine to match your mood.

5. Le Bistrot à Gilles

A charming wine tavern with a warm and welcoming atmosphere is called Le Bistrot à Gilles. A selection of regional French wines from various areas are included on the bar’s extensive wine list, which also includes a variety of craft beers and cocktails. The pub is a great place for a relaxed night out with friends or a romantic evening because of its welcoming staff and cozy atmosphere.

6. La Cave à Bulles

A wine store with a focus on natural and ecological wines is called La Cave à Bulles. This inviting store sells a broad selection of French wines in addition to some wines from other countries. The staff can make suggestions based on your taste preferences and is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their wines. In this store, you can discover new wineries and discover more about natural and organic wines.

7. La Part des Anges

Wine lovers can enjoy a distinctive encounter at La Part des Anges. The bar has an outstanding selection of French and foreign wines from all over the country. The staff can make suggestions based on your taste preferences and is knowledgeable and enthusiastic about their wines. In addition, the bar hosts wine-related seminars and tasting events.


In conclusion, Nantes is home to some of the country’s finest wine bars, each of which offers a special fusion of French charm, great wines, and friendly service. Nantes has something to offer for every flavor and mood, whether you’re looking for a quiet and intimate setting or a lively and vibrant one. Therefore, the next time you’re in Nantes, make sure to stop by these seven wine clubs and sample some of the best French wines. A real wine lover can’t visit France, without passing through Bordeaux, and exploring these fine wine bars in the city.