Wine Tasting in Bordeaux: 10 Must-Visit Bars


The wine lover's sanctuary is Bordeaux. Numerous wine bars and stores can be found throughout the city, which is known for producing some of the finest wines in the world. Choosing which Bordeaux wineries to tour can be challenging because there are so many options available. These top ten wine bars should be visited if you're traveling to Bordeaux and want to sample the best of the region's wine industry.

1. Le Wine Bar

Any wine enthusiast must explore Le Wine Bar, which is situated in the center of Bordeaux. The welcoming ambiance, knowledgeable staff, and wide selection of wines make it the ideal location to savor a few of Bordeaux’s best. In addition, they provide a delectable variety of cheese and charcuterie to go with your wine.

2. Max Bordeaux

Max Bordeaux is the spot to go if you want to experience fine wine. The bar provides a variety of expensive and uncommon wines by the glass, allowing you to sample some of Bordeaux’s most sought-after bottles without having to purchase an entire bottle. The bar is also renowned for its gorgeous internal decor and slick, contemporary ambiance.

3. La Ligne Rouge

A distinctive wine lounge, La Ligne Rouge specializes in organic and natural wines. A variety of wines are available from the owners that are made without the use of chemicals or additives because they are passionate about sustainability. The bar offers a variety of small plates to go with your wine and has a relaxed, rustic atmosphere.

4. Bar à Vin du CIVB

The Bordeaux Wine Council manages the wine lounge and store known as The lounge à Vin du CIVB. You can sample a broad range of various styles and vintages of wines from all over the Bordeaux region thanks to the bar’s extensive selection. The bar is the ideal location to learn more about Bordeaux wine because it also provides wine tastings and workshops.

5. La Conserverie

A hip and modern wine bar called La Conserverie can be found in the fashionable Saint-Michel district. The pub serves a variety of natural and organic wines and has a quirky, vintage vibe. In addition to offering a wide selection of small dishes and charcuterie, they make it the ideal place for a laid-back evening out with friends.

6. L’Intendant

One of Bordeaux’s most recognizable wine restaurants, L’Intendant is situated in the center of the city. It is renowned for its wide range of wines, which includes uncommon and pricey ones. A variety of rare wines, champagnes, and spirits are also available at the bar.

7. Wine more time

Wine More Time is a hip and contemporary wine bar that attracts both residents and visitors. With over 400 wines from Bordeaux and other regions, the bar provides a welcoming and laid-back atmosphere. They have an external terrace where you can relax and sip wine.

8. Aux 4 Coins du Vin

The cozy and private wine lounge Aux 4 Coins du Vin is situated in the center of Bordeaux. Over 32 various wines from the area are available for tasting, making it a special wine tasting experience. Regular wine tasting events and seminars are also held at the bar.

9. Le Flacon

In the storied Saint-Michel district, there is a modern wine tavern called Le Flacon. More than 400 wines are offered, either by the glass or the bottle, at this establishment. Additionally, the bar offers a selection of small plates and cheese boards that go great with the vino.

10. La Cuvée du Cloître

In the courtyard of a former abbey, there is a charming wine bar called La Cuvée du Cloître. More than 200 wines are available, and they are served with tiny plates of regional cheeses and meats. Regular wine tasting events and seminars are also held at the bar.


Finally, Bordeaux is a wine enthusiast’s paradise, and these five wine bars are some of the finest spots to experience the regional wine scene. Bordeaux offers something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a quiet place to sip wine or a luxurious experience. So why not plan a trip to Bordeaux and discover these top wine bars for yourself, and also make a visit to the best beer cafés in town?