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Raise a Glass: The 5 Best Beer Cafes to Visit in Cannes


Cannes, France is a well-liked vacation spot renowned for its magnificent beaches, esteemed film festival, and glitzy way of life. But did you know that the city also boasts a vibrant beer culture? These best 5 beer cafés in Cannes offer a wide selection of beers, from regional brews to global favorites.

1. Morrison’s Irish Pub

Morrison’s Irish Pub, a welcoming establishment with a large variety of beers on tap, is situated in the center of Cannes. You can choose from a traditional Guinness or a regional specialty beer here. The pub is well-liked by both residents and visitors because it offers live music and sporting events on large screens.

2. Le Saint Sauveur

Le Saint Sauveur is a hip restaurant that offers a sizable variety of craft beers from all over the globe. There is something for every brew connoisseur, from stouts to IPAs. The café is a great place for a night out because it also has a delectable food selection that goes well with its beers.

3. Le Comptoir 109

A stylish beer café called Le Comptoir 109 provides a distinctive range of artisanal beers from small brewers in France and Belgium. The café also has a welcoming external terrace where you can sip your beer while admiring the stunning scenery.

4. La Cave de l’Amiral

Go to La Cave de l’Amiral for a more expensive beer experience. In addition to offering a wide variety of domestic and imported beers, this stylish wine bar also has an experienced staff who can assist you in selecting the ideal brew. A small plates selection is also available at the bar, which goes well with their beers.

5. The Quay’s Pub

The Quay’s Pub is a relaxed establishment that serves pub fare and a great variety of beers and is only a few steps from the shore. The bar has a sizable outdoor terrace where patrons can relax with a drink and catch a breeze off the water. It’s a fun place for a night out with friends because they frequently hold live music events.


Cannes has a lot to offer in terms of alcohol. These top 5 beer cafés are a must-visit for any beer enthusiast touring the city, whether you prefer a traditional pint of Guinness or a distinctive craft brew. So raise a glass to a fun night in Cannes and grab a cold one! This amazing city offers fantastic wines to its tourists in addition to fantastic beer cafés! Check out the best wine bars in Cannes.