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Sip, Savor, and Socialize: Colmar’s Top 5 Beer Cafés


Colmar, a charming town in the Alsace area of France, is well known for its exquisite wines, colorful half-timbered homes, and endearing canals. But did you know that there is a flourishing beer culture in Colmar as well? Here are the top 5 beer cafés in Colmar if you're a beer enthusiast searching for a place to enjoy a pint or two.

1. La Brasserie du Musée

A brew lover’s dream comes true at La Brasserie du Musée. This charming spot offers a wide variety of craft beers from all over the globe and is situated right across from the Unterlinden Museum. You can find something to your liking at La Brasserie du Musée, whether you’re in the mood for a smooth Belgian Trappist ale or a hoppy IPA.

2. Le Brassin

In the center of Colmar’s historic district is a cozy and inviting beer café called Le Brassin. This restaurant offers a great variety of domestic and imported beers in addition to a delectable menu of pub fare. After a day of seeing Colmar’s attractions, Le Brassin is the ideal place to unwind thanks to its welcoming ambiance and helpful staff.

3. Le Cafe des 3 Singes

Both residents and tourists enjoy the lively and vibrant Le Cafe des 3 Singes beer café. This institution has a large assortment of beers on tap in addition to an alluring array of small plates and snacks. Le Cafe des 3 Singes is the place to be if you’re looking for a jovial and friendly environment.

4. Le Zinc

The hip and contemporary beer café Le Zinc is situated in Colmar’s developing Saint Joseph district. This institution serves mouthwatering tapas and small plates along with a wide variety of craft beers from around the globe. Le Zinc is a must-visit for any beer enthusiast in Colmar because of its chic décor and laid-back atmosphere.

5. Le Caveau des Brasseurs

In the center of Colmar’s historic district is a lovely and rustic beer café called Le Caveau des Brasseurs. This restaurant offers a variety of hearty Alsatian dishes as well as a collection of regional beers. Le Caveau des Brasseurs is the ideal location to experience Alsace’s distinctive beer culture because of its welcoming atmosphere and helpful employees. only in Colmar you can taste the best beers France has to offer, also in the capital you’re at home as a beer lover. Visit these five beer cafés when you’re in Paris!


In conclusion, Colmar has a flourishing beer culture and a wide variety of outstanding beer cafés to discover. There is a beer café in Colmar that is guaranteed to satisfy your needs, whether you’re looking for a warm and inviting ambiance or a cool and contemporary vibe. Raise a glass to Colmar’s beer culture then, and go check out some of these top spots for yourself.