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Sipping in Style: The Top 5 Wine Bars in Nice


On the French Riviera, the lovely city of Nice is known for its sandy beaches, vibrant architecture, and vibrant culture. In addition to its breathtaking vistas, Nice is renowned for its delectable cuisine and top-notch wines. In Nice, there are numerous wine restaurants, each with a distinctive aesthetic and wine list. We will examine the top 5 wine bars in Nice, France, in this piece.

1. La Part des Anges

In the center of Nice, there is a well-known wine tavern called La Part des Anges. It has a sizable wine selection that includes both domestic and imported beverages. The bar’s sophisticated design and inviting atmosphere make it the ideal spot to unwind and enjoy a drink of wine. The pub also serves a variety of delectable cheeses and charcuterie that go great with the wines. Not only in Nice you can enjoy the beautiful view with a glas of wine, Paris has a lot to offer as well!

2. Le Bistrot du Fromager

A distinctive wine tavern that specializes in pairings of cheese and wine is called Le Bistrot du Fromager. The bar offers a wide variety of cheeses, both French and foreign, and the experienced staff can assist you in selecting the ideal wine to pair with your cheese. The rustic decor of the bar is warm and inviting, and it goes ideally with the cheese and wine.

3. Wine Pier

In the charming Old Town of Nice, there is a hip wine establishment called Wine Pier. The bar is decorated in a contemporary manner with streamlined furniture. It provides a variety of craft beers in addition to a wide range of wines, including natural and biodynamic wines. The bar also has a tiny terrace with views of the Old Town’s charming streets.

4. Vingt4

In the center of Nice, there is a wine bar and eatery called Vingt4. The bar’s stylish and modern furnishings create a warm atmosphere that is ideal for unwinding with a drink of wine. Along with a mouthwatering French food menu, the bar has a wide variety of wines. The pub also has a terrace with a view of Nice’s bustling streets, making it the ideal spot for people-watching.

5. La Cave de la Tour

In the center of Nice, there is a wine tavern and store called La Cave de la Tour. The bar offers a wide variety of wines, including uncommon and difficult-to-find bottles from all over the globe. Additionally, the pub serves a variety of tapas and small plates that go great with the wines. The rural décor of the bar is warm and inviting, and it perfectly matches the available wines.


Wine enthusiasts will find themselves in heaven in Nice, France, where there are countless wine bars that offer a wide variety of wines from around the globe. The best 5 wine bars in Nice, France, each have their own distinct character and wine list, making them the ideal settings for unwinding and sipping a glass of wine. Nice has the ideal wine bar for you, whether you’re looking for a warm atmosphere, a hip attitude, or a special wine and cheese pairing experience.