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Top 5 Beer Cafes in Lyon: Your Ultimate Drinking Guide


France's Lyon is a metropolis renowned for its cuisine and exciting nightlife. It is not surprising that the city has a flourishing beer scene, given its long history of brewing. There are many excellent places to relax with a cold one, from classic brasseries to hip craft beer bars. The best 5 beer cafés in Lyon, France, will be discussed in this article.

1. Le Comptoir de l’Est

In Lyon’s 3rd arrondissement, there is a welcoming neighborhood pub called Le Comptoir de l’Est. This bar is a favorite among beer enthusiasts because it offers a changing variety of regional and foreign craft beers. Finding your next favored brew is always made easy by the helpful and knowledgeable staff. Their happy hour deals, which include inexpensive beers and delectable small plates, are not to be missed.

2. La Chope de Lug

The bustling microbrewery La Chope de Lug is situated in the Presqu’île neighborhood of Lyon. This bar is a must-visit for any beer enthusiast, featuring a rustic interior and a sizable variety of house-brewed beers. A variety of traditional Belgian-style ales as well as more innovative concoctions are offered on the menu. Try their mouthwatering charcuterie platter, which goes great with a cold pint.

3. Le Verre à Soi

A hip craft beer bar called Le Verre à Soi can be found in the developing Guillotière area. The pub offers a wide variety of domestic and foreign beers in addition to a changing list of organic wines. This bar is a wonderful place to spend a night out with friends because of the welcoming environment and helpful staff. Take part in their monthly beer tastings to sample new brews and discover more about the brewing process.

4. Le Bieristan

The charming beer tavern Le Bieristan is situated in Lyon’s Croix-Rousse district. This bar is a great location to find new and interesting beers because it focuses on small-batch, independent breweries. The knowledgeable staff is glad to offer advice and assist you in selecting the ideal brew. Make sure to sample their artisanal sausages, which go great with their beer choices.

5. Le Grattoir

Popular tavern Le Grattoir is situated in Lyon’s Vieux Lyon district. This bar is a great place to unwind after a long day of exploring the city because it has a large variety of beers on tap and a warm, relaxed environment. Their live music evenings, which feature regional bands and musicians, are not to be missed.


Finally, Lyon, France, is a brew lover’s dream come true. There is something for everyone with a large selection of restaurants and breweries. One of these top 5 beer cafes will undoubtedly have what you’re looking for, whether you’re in the mood for a traditional Belgian-style beer or a more innovative drink. So raise a glass in celebration of Lyon’s thriving beer culture! You can never taste enough good beers, so make sure to check out these 10 bars in Paris as well!